I believe we all get ideas on multitude of areas everyday. It could be a business idea, A workout and a diet plan, An Idea to develop some sort of skill or thousand other things. And If someone gave you a dollar for every business Idea you ever got, or…

I have been aware of this concept for a long time, but never took it seriously. I am a guitarist by heart and a serial procrastinator by nature myself. And I have decided to give this a shot. Deliberate practicing for a month.

Anybody can get good at any given craft by this method, According to multiple research. So natural talent alone isn’t enough. We gotta pair it with the idea of deliberate practicing. Don’t be complacent. Let’s get to work.

Read the article by Janie Kleiver


Life is like the Nature. There will be times in your life, when you are at the lowest, as if a giant storm has hit you. You are so low that you feel like you are done for and there is no getting back up again, everything is in shambles…

Some PEOPLE come into our lives to make us realize things about ourselves and our lives. Some people will come just to give us some momentary pleasure, Some people just come into our lives just to be a big pain in the bottom. Some stay along for the ride, some just play their part and leave. Some come back again and some never do.

Whatever the case may be, we will always have the memories to carry further into our lives. And if we look around, we will see that people we meet or pass by everyday, People we are close to or are just acquaintances or strangers, the billions of people who we share our habitat with have had the similar kind of experiences, and we are all carrying our share of MEMORIES.

Whenever you are facing an adversity, always remember to bring your focus back on yourself. You might think about what your family expects from you, or your friends or your boss, or the women that you like. or the many other people that you want to be appreciated or liked…

I write more when I am down. But this is rock bottom. Hence, here I am writing not just to feel better but also to help someone out there, if there is someone who is going through the same thing as I am.

Yes! you guessed it right! A heartbreak…

A Misfit This Side

I like writing, helps me cope with things. But new to blogging.

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