Focusing on yourself

Whenever you are facing an adversity, always remember to bring your focus back on yourself. You might think about what your family expects from you, or your friends or your boss, or the women that you like. or the many other people that you want to be appreciated or liked by. But let me tell you, you have no control over these people and their opinions about you. All you can do is ask yourself, ‘What do I want to do in this situation?”. Your thoughts and actions are the only things you can control. They are the only things that can get you into trouble or get you out of it if you are in one. Its not selfish, Its just looking out for yourself. Fighting for your own survival.

If you follow this process you will end up making yourself happy, isn’t that worth it. And even may be exceed the expectations of other people of you, or may be disappoint them. But at least you have the satisfaction of making your own decisions. And believe me, people who really care about you will be happy to see you happy and walk along with you. Others will be bitter because of their own idiosyncrasies. And like I said earlier, You have no control over their thoughts and actions, so its no point wasting your time and energy worrying about it.

All the Best to whoever is reading this. I sincerely wish you well and tons of virtual hugs to you. God Bless :)